Pianist I Composer

Contemporany Dance

cascarrabias (2017, institut del teatre)

A dance piece about pushing the resistance to the limits, treating the contrapositions between a mass of people and its individualities. 

The music for this piece tries to be a reflection in sound of the corporeality of the dancers, creating the sensation that the sound is provoked by the dancers themselves. At the same time, music creates a 'sound space' where the actions take place. The result is acousmatic music composed by field recordings and a digitally manipulated cello duo titled Bachiana.

All the sounds are recordings that originate from the dancers themselves: the sonorities of some personal objects they had chosen, steps, breathes, the subtle sound of their movements and the sound produced by their movements around different kind of plastics. All these sounds create a kind of sound mass and texture where you can't recognize the original sound source.

The recording of the Bachiana acts like a conducting wire and unifying element. Also, the cello timbre and the baroque style gives a balance, warmth and human dimension to this kind of abstract sound texture. The cello's music organically appears and disappears throughout the dance piece, always in a different way: looped, in reverse, paulstretch...etc, so you can always recognize it, but it's never the same.  


Direction & Choreography: Isadora López Pagan. Dancers: Manuel Montes, Zaida Fernández, Ester Pou, Roberto Guglielmi, Nahuel Barrios, Isadora López. Scenography: Mariona Signes González. Clothing design: Moma Zúñiga. Lighting: Adrián Aceves Original Music: Marta Cascales Cellists: Laura Sanz, Joan Cucurull Sound technician: Toni Suñé Lighting technician: Carlos Lucena