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Music from a house-boat in Sausalito.


Light-house is the debut EP by Barcelona-based pianist and composer Marta Cascales Alimbau. She found the inspiration to release this EP in Sausalito (California), onboard of the old houseboat Vallejo during her stay at Varda Artists Residency. In those picturesque surroundings, she composed the piano piece Tide-Lighthouse, and decided to go back to her recent pieces and bring them to light under the title Light-house. The result is six pieces for piano, violin and cello, where you can hear the influences of composers such as Bach, Debussy and Arvo Pärt, as well as all the imaginary around the ocean, the fog and the tide from Sausalito.

Marta Cascales - piano
Mireia Vila - violin
Irene Labrador - cello

Recorded at Estudis Ground and Onixll studio
Mixed by Juan R. Berbín at Seward’s Room
Mastered by Ian Hawgood at Homenormal

Photo by Montse Capdevila
Design by Carla Cascales Alimbau

Released January 19, 2018 // Piano and coffee Records.

This EP is been possible thanks to the support of wonderful people through a Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter.


Reviews of Light-house

  • Doug Thomas Writings. "Light-house certainly bears a sense of gentleness and elegance".

  • Piano & Coffee Blog. "The warmth of the tender piano is like two hands holding mine, reassuring me that things will work out."

  • Sonorospace. "Therefore are pieces like "Pleut“, "Tide“ and "Bachiana“ with an intense symbiosis between Marta’s virtuoso piano patches and impulsive violin interplays."

Some images from Light-house opening concert at the beautiful Antiga Biblioteca Almirall.


Some images from the Light-house recording session at Estudis Ground.